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EventHi is an online event management software that provides all the tools you need to sell tickets and sponsorships for your event. Our ecosystem simplifies events by connecting attendees, organizers, and sponsors on one platform.

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Discover Events

Find local meetups or join business professionals at conferences. Hash-making for the cannaseur and patient appreciation day for the patients, On EventHi, we have events suited for all cannabis interests and needs.

Get Verified

Say goodbye to long lines and stress from medical ID authorization in-person. With our ticketing platform, medical cannabis IDs are identified and verified before the event even happens.

Buy Merchandise

Get your merch before the event. As you head through the checkout process, our ticket platform lets you purchase merchandise online seamlessly - that is one less line you have to stand in.

Write a Review

Review your favorite events and share your experiences with our community. After attending an event on EventHi, you will get to rate your favorite events and let the community know how much fun you had - or did not have.

One Tool to Organize, Promote, and Connect
Bringing members of the cannabis community to a higher level

Forget the hassle of dealing with countless plugins and unwelcoming markets.


Easy Ticketing System

We have designed a simple ticketing system to make hosting and running a cannabis event a simple, streamlined process.


Easy Verification

The EventHi platform provides easy Medical ID verification, ensuring a smooth, efficient process - for both you and the attendees.


Great Merchandise

Allow attendees to purchase great merchandise as a part of the checkout process. No more long booth lines or running out of sizes.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Our platform allows interested companies to get involved with relevant consumer events through simple sponsorship opportunities.

Geared for a Growing Industry

Our event platform has features specific to cannabis-centric events and the culture as a whole.

Perfectly Designed

EventHi's platform is intentionally designed for the cannabis community, which is growing by leaps and bounds. In just one year, this market has grown from $30 million in 2015 to $61.5 million in 2016. With such limitless growth potential, we have made sure that, in each and every aspect of development, we have kept the core cannabis culture and all of its members top of mind. From finding a way to process medical IDs for events requiring authorization to helping form sponsorships to help foster the growth of this industry, we designed the EventHi ticketing platform with the community at the heart of it.


Reprogramming How Events Operate

EventHi tackles event industry complications using bleeding-edge technology solutions.

Authorizing IDs

Throughout America, many states' cannabis events require medical IDs to be processed before attendees can enter. The stop-and-go of this process leads to long lines and discouraging delays, which take away from the great event experience people seek. To streamline this process, we have created an easy way for attendees to have their medical ID cards authorized before an event. They simply follow the steps to authorize online or on their mobile devices upon purchasing a ticket.


Sponsorship Packages

More and more companies are entering the collective space that is the cannabis industry. As the number of cannabis events continues to grow, from 800 events in 2015 to 1,200 around the globe in 2016, that 33% jump in one year demonstrates how this industry is only going to keep growing. We want to help promote and further this by connecting events, from very small to grand-scale grandoise, with sponsors. It's easy for interested companies to get involved with relevant consumer events with our event platform.

Monitor Your Events As They Grow

Providing you with data and feedback, which are crucial for events in an emerging industry.

Grow Awareness


Host and grow awareness for your cannabis event by reaching out to your target demographic directly. With EventHi, the promotional opportunities coupled with comprehensive analytics and data metric technologies makes creating and tracking easier than ever.
You are no longer a needle in the haystack.

Hosting Any Size Events


There are no limitations on size here. The average capacity for cannabis events is 50 - 1000 attendees, numbers our platform can easily accommodate. From small sessions to large B2B events and conferences, our ticketing platform is here to help your cannabis event run smoothly. Whether it's a smoke and sushi-tasting event or a cannabis conference on the latest industry updates, we designed this platform to ensure seamless experience.

Review System


Currently, the average cannabis event-goer purchases five to ten tickets per year, but has no way of connecting or sharing thoughts with other like-minded attendees. Our platform changes that. How? Verified attendees via the EventHi platform can review an experience or event, allowing for more credibility and discussions amongst the community.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard


Using the EventHi platform is very easy. Your account will have a dashboard that allows you to manage every aspect of an event, keeping all necessary data, metrics and information in one place. We understand each event is unique, from different costs (as the average cannabis event ticket spans anywhere from $50 - $250) to diverse locations, so our platform allows you to manage each event and its distinct factors separately.

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