Cooking with Chocolate: Holiday "Destress" Mug Cakes

Cooking with Chocolate: Holiday "Destress" Mug Cakes


Saturday, Nov 20th 2021

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (EDT)


Private Location

Boston, MA

Food & Drinks


Chef Anne Wolf, an expert on cannabis infusions, will teach us to make "Destress" Chocolate Mug Cakes just in time for the holiday craze.

Nothing says "relax" like a mug full of warm chocolate cake with a gooey lava core of marijuana-infused dark chocolate. Sneak away for a sweet moment of serenity when things get stressful this holiday season. Chef Anne Wolf is an expert on cannabis infusions, certified chocolatier, food scientist, and America's Test Kitchen alum. She'll teach you how to make Infused "Destress" Chocolate Mug Cakes just in time for the holiday craze.

No need to stink up your house or spend hours standing over a stove-- we'll make these cakes using just the microwave without leaving your home smelling like marijuana.

In this adults-only class, you'll learn:

  • How to make fudgy, rich molten chocolate mug cakes with an infused chocolate core
  • About accurate dosing in marijuana edibles to create the best possible experience in the most delectable way
  • How to customize your mug cake to your ideal dosing

Attendees will need to purchase a cannabis-infused chocolate bar for this class. For Massachusetts residents, I highly recommend Coast Cannabis Co. chocolate bars. Coast is one of very few producers making high quality chocolate bars from organic, Fair Trade chocolate. Use this link to locate a dispensary selling their products:

Please note: After registering, you'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to the Zoom event, an equipment list, and the recipe. The event Zoom link will become active at 4:45pm on November 20. Class starts at 5:00 pm EST but the virtual "doors" open at 4:45pm. Feel free to join early if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, virtual events, or opening pdf documents. We will make sure you have everything you need for a seamless, fun class.

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Chef Anne Wolf