Mary Jane Yoga: Toke x Stretch

Mary Jane Yoga: Toke x Stretch


Wednesday, May 25th 2022

07:00 PM - 07:35 PM (EDT)


Malcom X Park/Meridian Hill Park

16th St NW

washington, DC

Meet Up


Join us for our FREE 30min Toke x Stretch Class EVERY Wednesday at 7pm during our summer sessions.

Did you know JUST 20 minutes of daily stretching can improve your life and your mood? Mobility and flexibility is the key to improving the strength of our joints and muscles with dynamic movement & stretching. You'll notice fewer injuries, improved posture and even a slight mood boost when you add stretching into your daily routine.

Come as you are but make sure to bring your yoga mat, water and cannabis.

This class like all our classes is gender neutral and open to all who wish to come and get some great energy with like-minded folks. Although this is a free class we ask that you RSVP so that we can update you just in case anything happens (like bad weather).

MJY: Toke x Stretch is our free class for the 21+ community where we focus on increasing mobility and flexibility through stretching exercises and yoga poses while of course getting lifted. You'll learn a few toke x stretch poses you can do on your own at home too.

See you at the Sesh!!

*There are no light refreshments or complimentary gifts for the Toke x Stretch classes. (Only for our Mary Jane Flow Yoga Classes on Sundays.)

*Consumption encouraged but not required. You may BYOC (bring your own cannabis).

*RSVP encouraged but not required. You MUST be 21+ To attend.

***Feel Free To DM or Email Us With Any Questions or Concerns.

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This event will be recorded and photographed for promotional purposes.

No cannabis will be sold at this event. No refreshments/gifts available for this event.

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


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