Plant Medicine Leaders and Advocates Round-Table

Plant Medicine Leaders and Advocates Round-Table


Thursday, Jun 9th 2022

06:30 PM - 09:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

San Marcos, CA

Meet Up


Event seating is limited to 15 guests. We are a group of plant medicine leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

As the plant medicine industry expands we are committed to providing an open forum aimed at helping leaders in our industry build awesome businesses, brands, and organizations.

A supportive space where you can share openly, network, and overcome challenges.

The first hour is for reception and casual networking. (Doors close at 7:30PM sharp when we start the round table.)

During the second hour, we sit down for our "share, offer, or ask" roundtable session. Each atendee gets time in the "hot seat" to share/offer/ask whatever matters most to them.

Finally, the third hour is for connection, fun, and focused networking. (your choice!)

You will not be asked to buy, join or commit to anything. This is purely a place for sharing and connecting.

The event is sponsored by Inner Circle: A community of cutting-edge leaders who collaborate within a private network of vetted leaders.

At our events, you will meet other action takers and game-changers that are committed to furthering the success and legitimacy of our industry.

To ensure a quality experience, we limit the number of seats to 15 people.

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*Light snacks and drinks provided. BYO(B)ud

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


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